When Professionals Struggle with Addiction

professional addictionAddiction is known to strike people of any demographic, but for a number of reasons, business people and high profile professionals are more likely than other groups to fall victim to the clutches of addiction. The reasons for this phenomenon are the high stress careers of this type of professional, the heavy expectations that fall on them and the serious consequences that befall their choices and actions. When they are dealt more than they can cope with, they turn to a method of pure escape in order to deal with the stress. This may be an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex or a number of other addictive substances and processes. When a working professional reaches this point, they need to undergo intensive addiction treatment to get their mental health back.

The stress factors in a working professional’s life are almost always the cause of their addiction problems. High profile professionals experience high levels of stress at work, sometimes simply because of how busy they are, other times because their work or work relationships are not going well. High profile professionals have very high expectations placed on them and their work performance. When they fall short of these expectations, there can be serious consequences to their careers. Some professionals careers are based solely on how much they produce, or how high the quality of their work is. Anything mediocre is penalized with termination. The stress of this existence can push a person to the desperation that leads to addiction.

When a working professional takes on more than they can cope with, many of them lose their way and try to suppress their stress with substance abuse or an addiction. The total distraction from work they get from these things is what keeps them coming back to them for more. Soon, the addiction or substance abuse shows in their lives, reputations, relationships, health and finances. When things deteriorate to this level, the working professional would benefit immensely from addiction treatment. Inpatient rehabilitation has been proven to be the most successful way for a person to conquer addiction. Only in inpatient rehab can a client completely immerse themselves in a safe, addiction free environment that retrains their brain toward healthy thought and behavior patterns.